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TkDeskSet - some small tools similar to those in OpenWindows' DeskSet

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Most of these programs provide facilities similar to tools in DeskSetTM of OpenWindowsTM.

TkTapeTool (Version 0.2)
Simple front-end for GNU tar
(Manual / Download)

TkSnapshot (Version 0.3) [ Updated (2001-04-30) ]
Snap image on the screen
(Manual / Download)

TkWsinfo (Version 0.2)
Display information about the system
(Manual / Download)

TkPrintTool (Version 0.2)
Print files to printer, cancel request, etc.
(Manual / Download)

TkPerfmeter (Version 0.2)
Monitor system load, such as CPU, networks, disks, etc.
(Manual / Download)

TkOlwmProps (Version 0.2)
Set user preference for olwm
(Manual / Download)

TkXSet (Version 0.2)
Set basic user preference for the X server
(Manual / Download)

TkSetClock (Version 0.1)
set system date and time (frontend for date)
(Manual / Download)

TkCryptDir (Version 0.1)
encrypt/decrypt files in specified directories
(Manual / Download)

Supported Platforms

Tcl/Tk is required to execute these programs. Some of these programs may require some specific command (for example, TkTapeTool requires GNU tar).

These programs are tested on redhat Linux 5.2 (wish8.0jp) and Solaris 2 (wish8.0). Probably, most facilities will work on other UNIX-like systems.


In principle, simply put the script files in directory in command search path (e.g., /usr/local/bin) and then set the execute permission bit of the file (e.g., chmod +x tktapetool).


Please send bug-reports, questions, comments or any another feedbacks to T.Sato <VEF00200@nifty.com>.

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by T.Sato <VEF00200@nifty.com>, 2000/3/19

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