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TkPrintTool - print files to printer, cancel request, etc.

Screenshot of tkprinttool TkPrintTool provides facility to print files to printer, check status or cancel request in the similar manner with Print Tool of OpenWindowsTM's DeskSetTM.

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"Filename" field
Specify file to be printed. Clicking the button at right of this field will popup a window to browse files.

"Filter" field
Specify the filter which will be used to print the file. If filters are registered in advance (this can be performed by "Configure..." button at right of this field), filter will be selected automatically when filename is entered.

"Configure..." button
Register filters which will be used when print files. List of registered filters will be displayed when this button is clicked, and entries in the list can be added, edited or deleted.

Registration of filters will be performed by specifying pattern of filename (*.jpeg, for example) and command used as filter (convert %s ps:-, for example). Registered filters will be stored in $HOME/.tkprinttool.bind file.

"Copies" menu
Specify number of copies of the output.

"Print Banner Page" button
If this button is set OFF, suppress banner page (title page) is it is available.

"Print" button
Clicking this button will send the request as specified on this panel.

"Printer" list
Select the destination printer. This will used as destination when "Print" button is clicked, and as target to display status when "Status" button is clicked.

If environment variable PRINTER or LPDEST is set, the printer will be selected initially.

"Information..." button
Display information about the printer selected in "Printer" list.

"Status" list
Status of printer selected in "Printer" list will be displayed when "Status" button is clicked. This will also used to cancel request.

"Status" button
Refresh information displayed in "Status" list.

"Stop Printing" button
Clicking this button will cancel requests selected in the "Status" list.

by T.Sato, 2000/3/20