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TkXSet - set basic user preference for the X server

Screenshot of TkXSet TkXSet provide facility to set basic user preferences for the X server.

For environments where olwm or olvwm is used as the window manager, you can use TkOlwmProps instead.

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Choose category from "Mouse Settings", "Screen Saver", and "Beep" with the "Category" menu, and set parameters on the window. When "Apply" is clicked, new settings will be written to the ~/.Xdefaults file, and it will be loaded to the X server.

Invoking this programs as "tkxset -l" will load the settings specified in the ~/.Xdefaults file without opening a window.

Mouse Settings

Mouse Acceleration
Set the ratio of the acceleration of the mouse motion when mouse is moved more than "Acceleration Threshold" in short time (I don't know the actual time).
Acceleration Threshold
See "Mouse Acceleration".
Mouse Buttons
Set layout of the mouse buttons from "Normal" and "Left Handed" (exchange mouse button 1 and 3).

Screen Saver

Screen Saver
Set behavior of screen saver from "Disable", "Blank" and "Logo".
Set the idle time to activate the screen saver.
Energy Star
Set if display power management facility (DPMS) should be used or not.
Set the idle time to make the display standby state.
Set the idle time to make the display suspend state.
Set the idle time to make the display off state.


Set behavior of beep from "Always", "Notices Only" and "Never".
Set the volume of the beep between 1 (minimum) to 100 (maximum).
Set the pitch (frequency) of the beep.
Set the duration of the beep in milli-seconds.


xset(1), xrdb(1), xmodmap(1)

by T.Sato, 2000/6/4