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TkWsinfo - display information about the system

Screenshot of tkwsinfo TkWsinfo displays some informations about the system in the similar manner with Workstation Information (wsinfo command) of OpenWindowsTM's DeskSetTM.

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Workstation Name
Hostname of the machine

Workstation Type
Type of the computer
(uname -mp)

Host ID
On Solaris (SPARC), this shows host-ID of the machine

Internet Address
IP address of the machine

Network Domain
Domain name of the machine

Physical Memory (RAM)
Size of the memory
(free or prtconf)

Virtual Memory (Swap)
Size of swap space
(free or swap -s)

Virtual Memory in Use
Percentage of used memory in entier available memory
(free or swap -s)

Operating System
Name and version of the operation system (kernel)
(uname -srm)

Window System
Name and version of the window system
(X or xdpyinfo)

by T.Sato, 2000/3/19