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TkPerfmeter - monitor system load, such as CPU, networks, disks, etc.

Screenshot of TkPerfmeter TkPerfmeter provide facility to monitor system load (such as CPU, networks, disks, etc.), like Performance Meter of OpenWindowsTM's DeskSetTM.

This program is tested on redhat Linux 5.2 and 6.1. Because there are no universal way to get these information from the system, this will not work on many of other systems unless it is modified according to the system. To execute this program, BLT library is required in addition to Tcl/Tk core package.

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Display graph of:

Pressing a mouse button in the window will open a menu, and users can switch display by selecting one of the items in the menu. Display will be switched to the selected item if only single graph is displayed, and on/off of the selected item will be switched if multiple graphs are displayed. To make display multiple graphs when only single graph is displayed, it is necessary to open Property panel and make setting on the panel.

Snapshot of Property Panel Selecting ``Property...'' from the menu will open Property panel to make settings. On this panel, adding to on/off of display of each items, direction when display multiple graphs, and period of sampling can be set. Clicking ``Save as Default'' after setting is made will make this program to be startup with the settings when it is started next time.


by T.Sato, 2000/3/25