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TkSetClock - set system date and time

Screenshot of TkSetClock TkSetClock is a frontend for date(1) command, and provide facility to set the system's date and time on a window.

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Click "Set Clock" button after setting "Year", "Month", "Day", "Hour", "Minute" and "Second" to the value you want to set.

On Solaris, it is possible to adjust the system clock slowly by faster or slower the clock few percents from the normal, by setting "Adjust Clock Slowly" option ON. This is useful to adjust the system clock of running system because it will prevents reversal or discontinuous change of the time, but it will take some time until the adjustment is completed.

On Linux (systems /sbin/hwclock command is supported), it is possible to adjust only the hardware clock (RTC) instead of system clock, by setting "Set Hardware Clock (RTC) Only" option ON. Normally, the adjusted time will be loaded from the hardware clock when the system is rebooted next time.


See Also

date(1), su(1), tksudo

by T.Sato, 2000-09-17