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XFIG - facility for interactive generation of figures under X11
xfig is an interactive drawing tool which runs under most UNIX-compatible platforms. Internationalization of xfig is the main topic of these pages, but you can read user manual (both English and Japanese), too.

xvkbd - virtual keyboard for X window system
xvkbd is a virtual (graphical) keyboard program for X window system, which provides facility to enter characters to other clients (softwares) by clicking keyboard displayed on the screen.

psjoin - concatenate PostScript files
psjoin concatenates several PostScript files and generate a single PostScript document.

tkfping - checks status of hosts in the network
tkfping is a very simple network monitoring tool for Linux and similar systems, which checks status of hosts in the network using ICMP ECHO protocol.

pingspray - heavily load the network for evaluation purpose [ New (2014-04-14) ]
pingspray was mainly intended to load the LAN interface for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests, and it can generate random and periodic patterns of data.

scrolling-h - display scrolling Hs
scrolling-h display scrolling Hs on the screen as specified in CISPR 22 and similar EMC standards.

ITU-R BT.1729 Colour bar with Moving Element
Display ITU-R BT.1729 colorbar and small moving element (bouncing ball) as specified in CISPR 32 EMC standards.


TkDeskSet - some small tools similar to those in OpenWindows' DeskSet
Here are some small programs most of which provide facilities similar to tools in DeskSet of OpenWindows. Most of these programs may work on many UNIX-like systems, including Linux and Solaris.
Available programs are: TkTapeTool, TkSnapshot, TkWsinfo, TkPrintool, TkPerfmeter, TkOlwmProps and TkXSet

xlpmonitor - monitor printer port of Linux/intel boxes
xlpmonitor monitors signals of parallel port of Linux/intel boxes and display it like indicator LEDs on the printers.

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