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XFIG - facility for interactive generation of figures under X11

Xfig and its Internationalization

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xfig is an interactive drawing tool which runs under most UNIX-compatible platforms including Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. Figures can converted into varius formats such as PostScript, LaTeX, GIF, etc.

It is partially internationalized, and it support Japanese, Korean and some other language environment at this time. See Platforms international-xfig successfully worked and XFIG Users Manual for details.

It is freeware and its source is available via anonymous ftp. For some systems including FreeBSD, Linux, etc., binary package may also available.


These manual will be distributed with xfig 3.2.4.

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The source files of xfig and transfig/fig2dev (xfig.3.2.4.tar.gz and transfig.3.2.4.tar.gz) will be available from mirror sites in the world.

In Japan, they should be available from:

For some platforms, compiled packages may also available.

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