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Platforms international-xfig 3.2(.3) successfully worked

At this time, xfig's international facility has been successfully worked on the following environments.


Operating System X Input Method
SunOS 4.1 X11R6 kinput2
Solaris 2.5 X11R6 kinput2
Solaris 2.5-2.6 OpenWindows, CDE htt, ATOK
HP-UX 10.20 X11R6 kinput2
IRIX 6.3 X11R6 kinput2
FreeBSD 2.2 XFree86 kinput2
Slackware Linux 3.1 XFree86 kinput2
RedHat Linux 4.2, 5.2 XFree86 kinput2
Debian GNU/Linux 2.x XFree86 kinput2, skkinput


Operating System X Input Method
RedHat Linux 5.2, 6.0 XFree86 hanIM, ami


Language Operating System X
Czech (Latin 2) RedHat Linux 6.1 XFree86

See also Xfig and non-ASCII Characters.


IRIX 6.3
On IRIX 6.3, you may need to compile xfig with IRIX's genuine cc (not with gcc), specifying compile option -N32 -mips3. Also, you may need to get source of JPEG library and compile it yourself, to avoid using JPEG library distributed with IRIX.

Distribution Packages

For some systems including FreeBSD, Linux, etc., binary package may also available.

Detailed information should be written someday...

by T.Sato, 2000/1/27