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ITU-R BT.1729 / BT.471-1 Colour Bar with Moving Element

Display ITU-R BT.1729 and BT.471-1 colour bar with small moving element (bouncing ball) as mentioned in CISPR 32 / CISPR 35 EMC standards.

This is a simple JavaScript implementation of the code which will run on many of the web browsers independent to the operating systems.

It may play 1 kHz tone, too, when loaded on Chrome, Firefox and similar browsers.

For the traditional scrolling Hs, see scrolling-h.

How to run it

To display ITU-R BT.1729 Colour Bar and Bouncing Ball, simply follow one of the following links on your JavaScript capable web browsers (see also Tested Browsers).

If you want to run it offline, you can save it on your local storage. However, you probably need to follow the above link first and then save the entire page to save the file with all the associated files. To copy the saved page, you need to copy the HTML file and all the associated files without altering those names and directory structures. In addition, to run the saved file, you may need to enable JavaScript explicitly somehow.

ITU-R BT.1729 Colour Bar with Moving Element


If the above versions doesn't work, as final resort, maybe you can use the following limited-quality MP4 video or animated GIF instead:

ITU-R BT.471-1 Colour Bar with Moving Element


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ITU-R BT.471-1 Colour Bar



Tom Sato


These files are in the public domain, and are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

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