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Xfig and Latin-2 Characters

Usally, we can use Latin-1 characters on xfig without any special settings, but some people in the world may want to use another characters.

Do you want to use Latin-2 characters on xfig? OK. You can probably use internationalization facility to enable it, as described below.

Latin-2 Characters on Xfig

To use Latin-2 (or other Latin-n) characters on xfig 3.2.3, you must compile xfig and fig2dev with I18N facility enabled. See Internationalization for details.

You should then put following lines to app-defaults file:

    Fig.international: true
    Fig.inputStyle: Root
    Fig.eucEncoding: false
    !Fig.latinKeyboard: true

You may or may not want to remove ``!'' at the lastest line.

And then, set LANG environment variable to the desired locale (czech, for example) and start xfig, then select Times-Roman or Times-Bold on TEXT FONT and enter text from keyboard. If everything was OK, you may enter locale specific characters here, using localized keyboard and/or ``dead keys''.

Export in PostScript

To export figure with Latin-n characters in PostScript, PostScript header file (used by fig2dev) for the language is required.

PostScript header file for Czech (czech.ps) is contributed from Ales Horak, and I believe it should work for any Latin-2 languages such as Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, etc. If you want use Latin-2 languages, you should get czech.ps, and put it as locale.ps (locale is locale name you use) in the directory specified with FIG2DEV_LIBDIR when installing fig2dev (you should find some files such as ja_JP.eucJP.ps in the directory).

If everything was OK, you may export figure with Latin-2 characters and print it to PostScript printer, or process the PostScript file with GhostScript. Special fonts are not required to process the PostScript file, because czech.ps generate Latin-2 fonts from general Times-Roman and Times-Bold fonts.

PostScript header file for other Latin-n languages (n = 3, 4, ...) is not prepared at this time. Contribution is strongly expected.


by T.Sato, 2000/1/28, 1/30

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