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Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law ("DENAN")

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This Law, formerly called the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law ("DENTORI"), will be applied to many electrical products (mainly, those for consumers) intended to be used in Japan. It was amended in 1999, and the new Law came into effect from April 2001.

For "specific electrical appliances" ("Category A" in the former Law), government certification and T-mark under the former Law are abolished and third-party certification and new <PS>E mark are introduced. Self-confirmation is permitted for other products covered by the Law. In either case, manufacturers/importers of electrical products have duty to notify to METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), ensure conformity to technical standards, holding the testing records, and labeling the products.

For products already approved under the former Law, production of T-marked products can be continued until the expiration date of the "DENTORI" approval or expiration of the specified transition period, whichever earlier. To continue production after the expiration date, it must translated to the new system.

Although it may be extended to cover all electrical products someday (like LVD in Europe), only the items listed in the ministerial ordinance are covered by the Law at this time. For example, instrumenents such as voltmeters or oscilloscopes are not covered, but I would agree with it. But personal computer is not contained in the list, too, and they will mysteriously fall outside the scope of the regulation (except for those DC power supply units and mains cords, which are listed as the specific electrical appliances).

Although traditional technical standards defined by the government are still effective, it is permitted to use standards harmonised to IEC standards for most electrical appliances which have relevant IEC standards (see the list here [ New (2002-05-02) ]). The third-party certification required for the specific electrical appliances can be obtained from testing organizations such as UL, TUV, etc., and they will (hopefully) reduce the burden for the foreign manufacturers. However, manufacturers which doesn't have office in Japan can't notify to METI themselves, and importers in Japan must carry out all the duty required by the Law.

PS-E mark

Category MarkingAlternative
Specific electrical appliances <PS>E<PS>E
Electrical appliances other than the specific electrical appliances (PS)E(PS)E

Items Covered by the "DENAN" Law

Notice: This list was summarized and translated personally. It doesn't fully describe the covered items, and may contains somewhat incorrect description. And it doesn't reflect the lastest rule.

Specific Electrical Appliances

Wires and Cables
(rated for 100V to 600V)
rubber-insulated wires, plastic-insulated wires
cabtyre cables
(rated for 100V to 300V)
thermal fuses
other fuses
Wiring Devices
(rated for 100V to 300V)
tumbler switches, intermediate switches, time switches and other lighting switches
box switches (including covered switches), float switches, pressure switches, controller for sewing machines, circuit breakers, leakage circuit breakers
plug-in connectors, screw connectors, sockets, rosettes, joint boxes
Current Limiters
(rated for 100V to 300V)
Single-Phase Small Power Transformers, Discharge Lamp Ballasts
(rated for 100V to 300V)
transformers for household appliances, transformers for electronic appliances
fluorescent lamp ballasts, mercury lamp ballasts and ballasts for other high-voltage discharge lamps, ballasts for ozone generators
Heating Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
electric toilet seats
electric warm storage equipments
water pipe heaters, window glass defoggers, and other electro-thermic equipments for freezing/coagulation prevention
electric water heaters
electro-thermic inhalers and other household electro-thermic treatment equipments
electric steam baths and electric heaters for steam baths
electric sauna baths and electric heaters for sauna baths
heaters for tropical fishes
heaters for ornamental plants
electro-thermic toys
Electric Motor-Operated Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
electric pumps
showcase for cold/freeze storage
ice cream freezers
electric massaging machines
automatic wash/dry toilet seats
vending machines
electric bubble generators
electric motor-operated toys and other electric motor-operated amusement equipments
High-Frequency Depilaters
(rated for 100V to 300V)
Other Alternating Current Electrical Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
magnetic treatment equipments
electric-shock insect killers
power supply units for electric baths
D.C. power supply units
Portable Engine Generators
(rated for 30V to 300V)

Electrical Appliances other than the Specific Electrical Appliances

Wires, Cables and Heating Cables wires for fluorescent lamps, wires for neon lamps
cables for welders
floor heating cables
Conduits, Conduit Fittings, and Switch Boxes for Cable Wiring conduit tubes
floor ducts
wire protectors
accessories for conduits
switch boxes for cable wiring
(rated for 100V to 300V)
cartridge fuses
end contact fuses
Wiring Devices
(rated for 100V to 300V)
remote control relays
cutout switches, covered knife switches, unit switches for distribution boards, electromagnetic switches
lighting ducts and accessories
Single-Phase Small Power Transformers, Voltage Regulators, and Discharge Lamp Ballasts
(rated for 100V to 300V)
transformers for bells, display units, remote control relays, neon lamps and combustioning appliances
voltage regulators
natrium lamp ballasts, sterilization lamp ballasts
Small A.C. Motors single-phase motors (rated for 100V to 300V)
three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors (rated for 150V to 300V)
Electric Heating Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
electric leg warmers, electric slippers
electric rugs
electric cushions
electric carpets
electric sheets, electric blankets, and electric beddings
electric foot warmers
electric chair covers and electric warming chairs
electric kotatsu
electric heaters
electric braziers and other electro-thermic equipments for warming
electric toasters
electric ovens
electric fish grills
electric roasters
electric ranges
electric cooking stoves
electric sausage grills
electric waffle irons
electric takoyaki irons
electric hotplates and electric frying pans
electric rice boiling pots and electric rice jars
electric pans
electric fryers
electric egg boilers
electric warming trays
electric warming tables
electric milk warmers, electric water heaters, electric coffee makers, and electric tea warmers
electric sake warmers
electric water baths
electric steamers
electromagnetic induction heating cookers and other electromagnetic heating equipments for cooking
water warmers for shaving
electric hair irons and hair curlers
hair humidifiers and other electro-thermic equipments for hairdressing
electro-thermic knifes
electric solution baths
electric baking fireplaces
electric soldering irons, iron heaters, and other electro-thermic equipments for work or craft
towel steamers
electric sterilizers
electric steam smoothers
throw-in water heaters
electric instantaneous water heaters
incubators for film development
electro-thermic boards, electro-thermic sheets, and electro-thermic mats
electric dryers
electric press machines
electric seedling-raising equipments
electric incubators
electric breeders
electric irons
electric sawing irons
electric gluers
electric incense burners
electric fumigaters
electric moxa cautery equipments
Electric Motor-Operated Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
belt conveyers
electric refrigerators and electric freezers
electric ice makers
electric water coolers
electric compressors
electric sawing machines
electric potter's wheels
electric pencil sharpeners
electric stirrers
electric scissors
electric insect catchers
electric mowers, and electric trimmers
electric lawnmowers
electric threshing machines, electric rice cleaning machines, electric rope making machines, egg classification machines and egg washing machines
gardening cultivators
kelp processing machines, and cuttlefish processing machines
juicers, juice mixers, and food mixers
electric noodle makers
electric rice-cake beaters
coffee grinders
electric can openers
electric meat mincing machines, electric meat cutters, and electric bread cutters
electric dried bonito plates
electric ice-shaving machines
electric rice washers
electric vegetable washers
electric tableware washers
rice cleaning machines
green tea roasters
wrapping machines and packing machines
electric table clocks and electric wall clocks
automatic print fixing machines, and automatic print washing machines
mimeograph machines, office printers and address printers, time recorders and time stampers, electric typewriters, card sorters, shredders and electric cutters, collators, paper binding machines, punching machines and numbering machines, check writers, coin counters and paper money counters, label tag machines
washed clothes finishing machines and washed clothes folding machines
wet-towel rolling machines
vending machines
barber chairs
electric toothbrushes, electric brushes
hair dryers, electric razors, electric hair clippers, electric nail polishers, and other motor-operated appliances for hairdressing
electric fans and circulators
electric room coolers
electric fan coolers
electric dehumidifiers
fan coil units and convectors with fans
electric heaters
electric fan heaters
electric humidifiers
air cleaners
electric deodorizing equipments
electric aroma diffusers
electric vacuum cleaners, electric record cleaners, electric blackboard eraser cleaners, and other electric dust vacuum machines
electric floor polishing machines
electric shoe brushing machines
sport/pleasure goods washing machines
electric washing machines
electric dehydrators
electric dryers
electric musical instruments
electric music boxes
bells, buzzers, chimes, and sirens
electric grinders, electric drills, electric planes, electric saws, electric screwdrivers, and other motor-operated tools
electric water jet machines
electric sprayers
motor-operated inhalators
household motor-operated treatment equipments
electric game boards
hot-water circulating purification equipments for baths
Luminaries, Optical Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
photograph printing machines
micro-film readers
slide projectors and overhead projectors
reflection projectors
electronic flashes
photograph enlargers and lamp houses for photograph enlargers
incandescent lamps
fluorescent lamps
desk lights, household hanging fluorescent lights, hand lamps, garden lights, decoration lights, and other incandescent/discharge lighting appliances
billboard lights
egg checkers
electric sterilizers
household light treatment equipments
chargeable flashlights
copying machines
Electronic Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
electronic clocks
electronic calculators, electronic cash registers
electronic refrigerators
electronic musical instruments
radio receivers, tape recorders, record players, juke boxes, and other audio equipments
video tape recorders
magnetic erasers
television receivers
boosters for television receivers
high-frequency welders
microwave ovens
ultrasonic rodent repellers
ultrasonic humidifiers
ultrasonic cleaners
electronic amusement equipments
household low-frequency treatment equipments
household ultrasonic treatment equipments, household VHF treatment equipments
Other A.C. Electrical Appliances
(rated for 100V to 300V)
furnitures with electric lights, furnitures with power outlets, and furnitures with other electric appliances
light dimmers
electric pencils
leakage current detectors
burglar alarms
arc welders
noise suppressors
medical material generators
household potential treatment equipments
electric refrigerators
power supply units for electric fences


METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

"Electrical Appliance And Material Control Law" to "Electrical Appliance And Material Safety Law"

Standards and Regulation in Japan

This page includes links to unofficial translation of the text of the Law, the Cabinet Order, and the Ordinance of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.


What is the name "DENAN"?
The name "DENAN" came from the title of the Law in Japanese, "denki youhin anzen hou" (denki means electrical, and anzen means safety). It should be pronounced as "den-an", not "de-na-n".

Are UL-listed NEMA mains plugs acceptable for Japan?
In my opinion, the answer is No, in general. Mains plugs and mains cords are covered by the Law as specific electrical appliances, hence should have <PS>E mark or T-mark. Yet another point is that mains plugs used in Japan are very similar to NEMA plugs for US, but, strictly, they are not identical. So, although it can fall in gray zone in some situation, I suggest to always use <PS>E marked (or T-marked) mains plugs and mains cords for Japan.

by Tom Sato <VEF00200@nifty.com>, 2001-09-24, 2002-05-02

Notice: Information on this page was summarised personally, and may contain somewhat incorrect or unclear description. For the formal information, please refere to the primary information such as the Law and the Ordinances, or to the other reliable information sources.

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